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Nuncio Launches Four New Books

Four new and recent books were launched by SDRC Director Rhoderick V. Nuncio, as author or editor, on February 21, 2013 at the European Documentation Centre of the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.  Sponsored by the Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center, the launching highlighted the presentation of the four titles to Dr. Nuncio by the publishers:  Ang Lihim ng Ultramar, by Ms. Ma. Ailil Alvarez, Deputy Director, UST Publishing House; 100 Aklat sa Aking Pagkamulat: Pagbasa, dagling-suri, at Paanyaya, by Ms. Lourdes Lopez and Mr. Alain Padilla of C&E Publishing; 100 Bago sa DLSU, by Ms. Cristina Tayag Balagtas, Marketing Manager of Central Books; and Sanghiyang sa Mundo ng Internet, by Ms. Haidee Cedro of Vibal Foundation.

Ang Lihim ng Ultramar, a novel written by Dr. Nuncio while on sabbatical, is an attempt to write the mystery thriller in the vernacular. Reviewers have commended the work for bringing social issues such as corruption in politics to a wider readership. Ms. Feminina Aguilar, secretary of the Theology and Religious Studies Department, rendered a reading of an exerpt from the novel, explaining also how developments in Philippine Literature have shifted her literary interests from the novel in English to the novel in Filipino. A second excerpt from the novel was read by Mr. Michael Charleston “Xiao” Chua of the History Department. 

100 Aklat sa Aking Pagkamulat: Pagbasa, Dagling-suri, at Paanyaya is based on the author’s reflections on books he has read and his reasons for why other people should read them as well. Dr. Emma Basco, professorial lecturer of Departamento ng Filipino, shared her thoughts on her reading of the book and the insights she gained as a result about its author.

100 Bago sa DLSU has been written for Lasallians of past, present, and future, and for parents who wish to know what happens to their children inside the University. The book also addresses those who would like to study at DLSU, to familiarize them with the culture they will become part of as Lasallian students. It is for teachers who are interested in following student trends and in having some understanding of their generation. Lastly, the book is also for the Pinoy youth who dream of completing their studies and obtaining an education that can truly bring about change in their lives and in their views.

Sanghiyang sa Mundo ng Internet received the National Book Award for Best Social Sciences for 2011 from the Manila Critics Circle and the National Book Development Board. It explores the Filipino’s experience of the Internet in both the “real” and “virtual” arenas a site for cultural and ideological exchange. Research assistant Ms. Susan Grace Neri expressed her appreciation for having invited to read a sample of writing from the book.  

Dr. Nuncio is the author of around 40 other publications (books, e-books, journal articles, magazine articles) on Philippine Studies, Internet Studies, Criticism and Philosophy. He also serves as the Director of Research and Advanced Studies of the College of Liberal Arts and teaches with Departamento ng Filipino.





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