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The Center provides analyses of socio-cultural and economic issues to support efforts in advocating, crafting, and fine-tuning plans and policies for sustained social development and improved quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region.  Research is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and thematic.

Capacity Building/Training
The Center offers training courses and capacity building that are designed and packaged for decision-makers and stakeholders in specific policy areas. Materials for these activities are produced and published by the Center’ researchers and consultants.

Research Dissemination
The Center seeks to build, disseminate, and use knowledge about ways of effecting and sustaining quality growth and social development.

The Center publishes research outputs on a diverse array of social development issues and policy challenges. Apart from institutional brochures and flyers, it produces an annual report and the twice-yearly newsletter SDRC Update on recent developments concerning new, on-going and completed projects as well as the activities of research fellows, associates and staff. Papers containing preliminary empirical results and analytical insights emerging from research projects are published as part of the Center’s Working Paper series.

Linkages and Networking
The Center actively organizes and participates in networking and collaborative activities among institutions and organizations performing similar or related research and capacity-building activities.

Visiting Researcher
Through this program, which is a university-wide endeavor for local and foreign scholars who would  like to undertake research in the country, the Center creates opportunities for interactions that are intellectually stimulating and rewarding for the visiting researcher.




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