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In line with the University’s research agenda covering the areas of poverty alleviation, promotion of peace and justice, protection and welfare of women and youth at risk, and the creation of wealth and resources for society, the Center has formed clusters/groups composed of faculty members who can continue to pursue studies in areas it has been conducting research on:

Health Outcomes and Policy/Family Health/Population
migration * population dynamics * reproductive health * HIV/AIDS * gender and sexuality * social-cultural dimensions of health and tropical diseases * quality of care and quality assurance system * health systems development * mental health * healthy lifestyles * adolescents' health

Institutional Reforms/Local Government Development
institutional strengthening * devolution and decentralization * electoral participation * community empowerment and participation * volunteerism and voluntary organizations * civil society and non-government organizations

Rural and Urban Development/Sustainable Development and Social Change
rural and urban poverty * sustainable development and rural livelihoods * upland development and management * environment * agro and social forestry * peoples' responses to development * resettlement

Human, Social and Cultural Capital Formation
education * employment and labor force participation * family * values and norms * self-efficacy * knowledge and intellectual capital formation * risk and resiliency factors in human development

Social Protection/Social Inclusion/Social Exclusion/Social Policy
children's rights and well-being * services for indigenous people/communities * programs for displaced workers * safety nets * elderly and children/ adolescents under difficult circumstances * differently-abled persons





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